How Technology Simplifies the eCommerce Journey

Breaking into eCommerce can be a complex process, but opportunities make it an exciting venture worth the investment. Still, every business has to navigate the challenges that come with moving to a digital marketplace. For furniture manufacturers, technology holds the key to:

  1. Simplifying the experience to reduce your workload
  2. Maximizing sales potential for scale
  3. Streamlining logistics to maximize efficiency

Scaling with AI, analytics, and expertise

Establishing a business in a competitive online marketplace isn’t easy, and growth comes with its unique challenges. With the right tools, furniture manufacturers can enjoy a simplified experience while scaling their business.

Channel Gate, an AI-powered multichannel platform, pairs proprietary technology with personalized service to enable product performance across leading marketplaces. By leveraging AI and nearly 20 years of consumer data, the platform supports automation and optimization where it matters most. Automation saves time, lowers operational costs, and increases productivity while optimization maximizes SKU potential, dynamically prices products, and increases average order value (AOV).

With dedicated account managers, furniture manufacturers can expect performance driving marketing expertise and personalized account support including catalogue management, go-to-market strategies, trend analysis and custom growth opportunities that support vendors to maximize their sales potential.

Centralized logistics

Shipping furniture and heavy items can be challenging and complex, especially when you don’t have the right tools to manage your operations. Freight Club, one of Cymax Group’s products, is designed to provide customers with convenience and efficiency, enabling them to manage all of their shipping process on one platform.

Freight Club simplifies the key elements of logistics, from tracking shipments to handling returns. This all-in-one shipping platform streamlines the process by helping the customers :

  1. Instantly quote, compare and book shipments
  2. Track and manage orders
  3. File and monitor claims statuses
  4. Minimize loss using secondary insurance protection
  5. Track carrier performance on Freight Intel, a best-in-class reporting dashboard
  6. Identify cost saving opportunities using simple-to-understand trend reports

As experts in shipping big and bulky products, Freight Club offers dedicated account and operational support to ensure its customers have the time they need to focus on their business growth. Its logistics team focuses on continuously onboarding and expanding their carrier network to give their customers flexibility to choose from 40+ carriers, based on their unique shipping needs.


Dynamic pricing, optimized listings, and access to deep data sets are just some of the most valuable supports that the right eCommerce partner can offer. They provide more than cutting-edge technology and personalized support, they give you back time so you can focus on the things that matter most.

Cymax Group Technologies is a leading eCommerce technology and logistics services platform for furniture vendors and retailers.

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