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Our Family of Brands

Freight Club

Freight Club makes shipping your secret weapon. As a member, you are given access to the drop shipping and online retail expertise that power the most successful eCommerce operations. The all-in-one shipping platform manages everything from claims and insurance to getting the best rates and delivery service.

Channel Gate

Channel Gate empowers retailers to stay one step ahead of the competition with cutting edge technology built on years of eCommerce excellence. Channel Gate’s platform simplifies multichannel eCommerce, allowing manufacturers to leverage a single inventory and product feed to sell across multiple channels.

Cymax Business

Cymax Business helps your business put their best face forward with stylish commercial furnishings. Cymax offers a wide selection of décor and furnishings that cater to businesses of all sizes and industries and offers tailored solutions for a more personalized shopping experience.


Homesquare makes creating livable spaces accessible and easy. With a diverse selection of home and outdoor furnishings, Homesquare makes it simple to shop by style or aesthetic, offering designers and consumers high-end styles at affordable prices.

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