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Cymax Group designs eCommerce technology and services that enable seamless activation and scale from design to delivery.

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We elevate the eCommerce and freight experience for our clients by delivering end-to-end solutions that seamlessly integrate with marketplace and carrier partners, and provide powerful insights driven by AI — all backed by exceptional client service.

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Cymax Group is pleased to announce that our CEO, Rizwan (Riz) Somji, has been named a national winner of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Riz received the honor for the category of Ingenuity: the quality of being original, clever, or inventive.

Find out how Lilola Home grew its eCommerce sales by more than 1500% (not a typo!) in its first twelve months on the Channel Gate Platform from Cymax Group Technologies.

Cymax Group was honored at the 2021 Digital Transformation Awards in the category Small Private Sector for their inspiring digital transformation that led to an 82% increase in net growth YoY in 2020. The award recognizes organizations that underwent significant technological changes that resulted in extreme growth for the business.

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